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Veporting is a new knowledge resource for the tradeshow industry. We provide a virtual experience of industry events around the world, along with expert reviews and analysis of those events, their products, and their thematic trends.

Our Team has over 60 yrs combined experience working in a wide variety of industries including Contract Furniture, Automotive, IT, Security and Hospitality. Collectively, we've worked with most of the largest and mid-market manufacturers around the globe over the past 30 yrs.

The Three V's

Virtual:  All of our clients gain access to our Secure Client Portal where we post a virtual portfolio of Veports that are generated custom to your request. We use a combination of HD images, GoPro and 360 degree cameras to capture virtual imagery of the products and companies represented at the tradeshow so you can see and hear for yourself exactly what we experience.

Visual:  Besides receiving your custom comprehensive written Veport, we also Combine GoPro video, 360 imagery and HD images to give you a full visual experience of the trades show and the vendors represented there.

Value:  Our experienced team attends the show as your private confidant. We collect the product and company data that you request and compile our comprehensive and proprietary Veports to your specifications and deliver them through our Client Portal. You can be anywhere in the world and gain access to valuable tradeshow information that you can use for R&D, Market Analysis, or Strategic Planning within your organization. All of this at a fraction of the cost it would be for you to send your own team of people to attempt a similar deliverable.

Veporting unlocks an array of insights from many key industry events and trade shows and delivers them to you in a professionally prepared virtual report complete with video footage and supporting documentation direct from the event. Our Veporting services are available in a variety of custom levels.

Choose Your Custom Veport Features

Level I Veport

  • Custom Trade Show Veport
  • Topic focus of your choice
  • Secure image gallery access
  • Professional consultation session
  • Printed and digital custom Veport

Level II Veport

Level III Veport

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